About SoulOrb 8

Our soul is the essence of who we are; it is our core, our mind, our will. It connects our body to spirit, a perpetual reminder of our divinity. The name Soulorb 8 was inspired by the idea that we move throughout life, not to find who we are, but to remember who we are. We are on a journey back to self. In numerology, the number 8 represents harmony, positive abundance, achievement and personal power - the things we often spend our lives trying to wholly attain. When turned on it’s side, the eight becomes the symbol of infinity, a reminder that you are limitless. 
With our luxury, Reiki charged crystal jewelry and services, we aim to remind you that all you need, you already have. You are a divine creation. Honor that by moving throughout the world as such. I hope that these lux, spiritual intentioned pieces remind you of that everyday. 

Peace, Love & Light.